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Herb Rorrer Photo Collection


         Rorrer 2010 Reunion

For many year each September the Rorrer Family met  in the village of Vesta, Virginia for their annual reunion.  Below are photographs from our September 5th, 2010 reunion.

  1.  Approaching Vesta, Virginia, from the East                     2.                     Vesta Community Center  
    3.               Herbert Rorrer                                4.     Rosalie Rorrer Johnson  
   5.      Fred Rorrer                                                 6.      Elmer Rorrer  
   7.              Rick Toller                                          8.       Cathy Rorrer Toller   
  9.            Lawrence Pilson                               10.  Herbert Rorrer & Doug Ferguson   
  11. Brothers Fred & Elmer Rorrer            12.        Rosalie Rorrer Johnson,
                                                                                        Gary Dixon & Carol Rorrer Dixon            
  13. Faith Marie Rorrer & Douglass Ferguson    14.   
 15.  Faith Marie &Sandra Dehart Rorrer   16. Bill Rorrer & daughter Delores    
  17.        Fred & Elmer Rorrer                       18. Doug Ferguson & Carol Rorrer Dixon
          Rick & Cathy Rorrer Toller
  19. Bob Rorrer & Herbert Rorrer              20.   
  21.                                                                           22.   
  23.    Herbert Rorrer, Alvin Spencer,  Kevin Spencer (son of Becky Spencer)
             Rebecca (Becky) Rorrer Spencer,  Angelia (Angie) Rorrer Sanders
 24.     (in yellow shirt) Katie Michelle Spencer Martin (daughter of Becky Rorrer,
             (wife of Joe Martin) then, Alvin Spencer, Kevin Spencer , Rebecca Rorrer

  25.  Deputy Matthew Rorrer, Katie Michelle Spencer with Husband Joe Martin   & Kenneth Harbour
    26.     Deputy Matthew Rorrrer
  27.                                                                           28.    Rosalie Rorrer Johnson,
                                                                                           Eric Johnson, Lawrence Pilson
                                                                                         Gary Dixon & Carol Rorrer Dixon
 29.    Prize for oldest attendee   (Becky Rorrer with Herbert Rorrer)   
  31.  Prize for distance travelled                   32.  Herbert & Thomas Wise Rorrer       
                         33.  WW2 "E" Award for Louemma Poole
                        34.  Real Estate document for Louemma Poole   
                        35. Gabriel Abram Rorrer & Mary Ida Texas Rorrer  
                          36. Beamer l. Rorrer & Lillie Mitchen Rorrer  
                         37. Documents belonging to Louemma Poole   

38. Paul Howard Gale V       

              39. Dean & Herman Rorrer, sons of Adolphus Rorrer
& Sam Rorrer, son of Curtis and brother to Delph                                          


Kim Rorrer Reece

      Back row is Herman,Margie & Dean. Middle row is Kim (Herman's oldest daughter) Grandpa Rorrer, Grandma Rorrer, Becky (Margie's daughter). (Front row) is Little Dean (Dean & Zola's son) Lori (Herman's daughter) Doug (Dean's son) Eric (Herman's son)

         Short video clips on Youtube from 2004 Rorrer Reunion. Go to www.youtube com     ( type Rorrer Reunion in search box)

We have many photographs to scan and post.

Meanwhile, this is the first album.

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

Herb Rorrer Collection

Herb Rorrer Collection (part 2)