2012 Rorrer Reunion


The annual Rorrer Reunion was held on September 22nd at Stuart Virginia.  I would appreciate help in identifying participants in photographs. Thank you.

1.(left side) Paul C. Rorrer, Shirley Rorrer & Emily Francis Rorrer Coffey


3. (back) Robert Lee Rorrer, Keith Rorrer & Drew Grabbe (front row) Cheryl Rorrer Cardwell, Carol Putnam Rorrer,

Rebekah rorrer, Sandra Rorrer & Dianne Rorrer

4. (front) Phillip Rorrer, son of Beamer Lee Rorrer.  (back) James A. Rorrer (Jimmy) Paul Rorrer & Jackie rorrer

5. (same as picture 3)

6. (front) Rebecca Rorrer Spencer (descendant of William Anderson Rorrer) Heather Spencer (grand-daughter)

Tyler Spencer (grand-son) (back row) Katie Spencer Marting (daughter) Joseph Martin, Alvin Spencer (husband) Kevin Spencer (Son)

7. (same as picture 6)

8. Katie Spencer Martin

9. Margie Wood (descendant of William Anderson Rorrer) Terry Wood Wade (child) Coy Landon Wade & Barbara Wood Turner

10. (same as photograph 9)

11. Tyler Spencer, Kevin Spencer, Emily Francis Rorrer Coffey & Katie Martin

12. Kevin Spencer, Alvin Spencer & Katie Martin

13. (same as photograph 12)



16.Rosalie Rorrer Johnson (oldest female), Terri Wade, Angie Sanders, Barbara Turner & Coy Landon Wade (child)

17. Robert Lee Rorrer, son of Thomas Cephas Rorrer & Robin Rorrer


19.Ellis Hale & Patsy Rorrer Hale (oldest married couple - married 61 years)