Herb Rorrer Photo Collection

(submitted by Terry Rorrer, son of Herb Rorrer)

Abraham A. Rorrer, son of Michael A. Rorer

Belle Rorrer Marshll, Charlie Rorrer & Covie Rorrer





















Charlie Ellis Rorrer Family

Charles Ellis Rorrer

Covie Rorrer

Della Lucinda Rorrer, daughter of Cephus M. Rorrer (1885 - 1968) Wife of John Hopkins

Elam E. Rorrer & Family

Elam Elkanah Rorrer (1885 -1932)

Elish Burdine Rorrer, (1895 - 1941) son of Cephus M. Rorrer & wife, Frances (Fanny) Hopkins

Elizabeth Hancock Rorrer

Elizabeth Ellen Hancock Rorrer with grandchildren

George Wesley Rorrer Family (1947)  George was son of Michael andrew Rorrer


Herb Rorrer collection - Part 2