Misc. Photographs

Below are photographs submitted by family members.  We appreciate your

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Delmas Rorrer, Margie Rorrer Wood, Robert Rorrer, Dorothy Rorrer Morrison, William Rorrer & John Rorrer

Thomas Cephas Rorrer, Robert Rorrer, Jewell Rorrer, Frank Rorrer, Gene Rorrer, half-brother ? Stone & Amos Rorrer 

Jeremiah Rohrer, grandson of our John Rohrer who remained in Pennsylvania

Elisha B. "Lash" Rorrer and Etta Francis Hopkins Rorrer

Catherine Rorrer 

William Anderson Rorrer 

William Anderson Rorrer's Letters from the War

Grave of Thomas C. & Hester A. Rorrer 

Ildon and Helen Hardiman Rorrer

Mary Ann Rorrer (b 1928), daughter of Ildon Rorrer

Eugene Rorrer

Eugene & Goldie Rorrer (1990)

Eugene & Goldie Rorrer

Eugene Rorrer in U.S. Army

Neal Stone, half-brother of Eugene Rorrer & wife Lois

Angelia , daughter of Eugene Rorrer, and husband David Sanders

Amos Rorrer

Statira Ann Rorrer 25 Oct 1860 - 3 Dec 1919
Daughter of William anderson & Catherine Bowling Rorrer

Descendants of William Anderson Rorrer
at  Rorrer Cemetery

Private John Quincy Rorer of the
Virginia Volunteers, Battry B of the
10th Battalion, Heavy Artillery.
Wounded in the left arm at the Battle
of Gaines Mill.

John Quincy Rorer & Sally Baugh Hensley

Front Row - Dellie Rorer Graves, Zada Rorer Lane, Florence Rorer Graves & Laura Davenport Rorer Jefferson . Rear - Esca Owen "Eck" Rorer, William Admire Rorer, Unidentified Rorer & Unidentified Rorer.

The sender, Bellum Miller, was an Attorney/Claim Agent who resided in Madison County. 

Felts Memorial Cemetery, Galax, Virginia

Janette Murdock, Michelle Grogan, Donna Daniel, Debbie Lucas, Carol Dickens & Teresa Massey

        (left to right) Dean & Herman Rorrer, sons of Adolphus Rorrer & Sam Rorrer, son of Curtis and brother to Delph


                       Becky Rorrer Spencer's half-brother

Samuel & Mary Hopkins

Losia Rorrer Craig, daughter of Grover Cleveland
Rorrer, grand-daughter of Cephus and Mattie Rorrer
and Thomas Green and Mary Ann J. Morrison Hopkins

Cephus and Mattie Rorrer  at a young age

John Hopkins, married to Ardella "Della" Rorrer
Children (left to right) Henry, Lucille, Esther,
Elsie, Kate & Albert

                  The Wild Bunch - Breeden, WV (c1950)
Ralph Marcum, Eugene Marcum, Douglass Ferguson, Jimmy Ferguson
(front), Arthur Ferguson, Eugene Kirk, Charles Marcum (front)

                  Charlie Poole, Posey Rorrer & Lonnie Austin

               Petty Officer 3rd Class Douglass Ferguson
                         Guantanamo, Cuba (1957)

                       Fannie Lurlene Cockram Rorrer
                          Age 99 - Born July 25, 1913

                            Glen David Rorrer b.1938

George B. & Eliza Jane Rorrer - Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Beckley, WV

                     Tabor Church, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

                     Tabor Church, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Tabor Church, Lebanon, Pennsylvania  

                 Paul W. Rorrer - U.S. Army - World War II 

     Gabriel Abram Rorrer holding Sheila Turner  & Christine Comer
     Shelia was Henrietta Rorrer's daughter and Christine was the
     daughter of Patricia Rorrer

 Bill and Judith Cox

Early Rorrer Reunion

    Edna Elizabeth Rorrer Holman and son Cecil at his wedding

       Mary Ida Texas Rorrer in her flower garden

    Gabriel Abram Rorrer 

    Grandchildren of Samuel Adolphus Rorrer & Myrtle Barnett

    Margaret Rorrer, wife of John Edison Rorrer of Logan, West Va.

Mary Anne Rorrer Kiser Photograph Collection