Herb Rorrer Collection (Part 2)

                                                                         George Wesley Rorrer , son of Michael A. Rorer and wife Rosa Belle Cruise Rorrer
                                                                                        James William Hall & wife Elizabeth Shuggie  (Shug) Bowman
                                                                                                                           John R., John S. & Gary S. Rorrer
                                                                                                Nancy Ellen Rorrer (1867 - 1922) wife of Elam Ekanah Rorrer
                                                                                                                                      Quince Rorrer (1983)
                                                                                                           Ralph Rorrer (1908 - 2001) , son of Thomas Alexander Rorrer
                                                                                                                       Sam A. Hopkins (1847 - 1921)
                                                                                                            Sarah A. Harbour, wife of David Charles Rorrer
                                                                                                Thomas Danniel Rorrer, son of William Green Rorrer
                                                                                                 Pvt. Thomas Wise Rorrer, Sr. Camp Lee, VA (c 1918)
                                                                                                     George Wesley Rorrer, son of Michael A. Rorer


William L. Rorrer

William Emmitt Rorrer, (1890-1941) son of Daniel Chapman Rorrer & Susan Emma Rickman

William Green Rorrer (1854 - 1943) son of William Dudley Rorrer and wife Exonie Bowling (1854 - 1923)